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Set 1
 Em     Take Me To The River  D A E  C#m A C#m A G
 Drums 90bpm  100bpm  110bpm 120bpm 130bpm 140bpm
 D      American Band
 E      Wild Night
 B      Workin For The Weekend  FactoryWhistle 
 E      Running Down A Dream
 C      Heard It Thru The Grapevine
 C7/F7  Feelin' Alright
 C      Why Get Up
 D      Midnight Confessions
 A      Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Set 3
 E/G  Ghost  Electric Lunatics
 Bm   Twilight Zone  Golden Earring
 D    Come & Get Your Love
 E    Play That Funky Music  TAB
 D    Get Ready Rare Earth
 F#   Somebody To Love
 G    Tell Me Goodbye
 E    Satisfaction
      Mercedes Benz
 E    Piece Of My Heart
 A    I Ain't Drunk
Set 2
 A    Harper Valley PTA
 D    Margaritaville  Jimmy Buffet
 G    Brown Eyed Girl  Van Morrison
 C    Respect  Aretha
 G    Love Rollercoaster
      RollerCoaster SIREN
 E    What I Like About You
 G    I'm The Only One
 G    Jesus Just Left Chicago
 B    Hard To Handle
 D    Paradise
Set 4
 D   Back In The USSR
 A   Rock & Roll
 G   Already Gone  G D C    C G F
 A   Runaway 6T 70
 Em  Turn The Page
 E   Born To Be Wild
 C   Leader Of The Pack
 C   Summer In The City
 E   Roadhouse Blues
 E   Gloria
 D   Get Drunk & Screw
 F/F#  I Got You Babe   (Rhodes)
 A     I Want Ewe 2 Want Me      Cheap Trick
 Eb    I Think I Love Ewe
 E    Pink Cadillac
 G     Wooly Bully
 E     Superfly 
 C    We Gotta Get Outta This Place  Animals

 F#   All-Star    Smashmouth
 E    500 Miles
 A    Bone Of Love  Electric Lunatics
 Am   House Of The Rising Sun  Animals
 C#m  Indian Reservation  Paul Revere & The Raiders
 A    Wild Electric Lunatic Nite  Electric Lunatics
 G    Wooly Bully  Sam The Sham
 E    Dancin' In The Streets
 G    I Fought The Law - Bobby Fuller Four 
 A    You May Be Right  Billy Joel
 E    Piece Of My Heart   Janis
      Louie Louie
 D    Ride Captain Ride (Rhodes) Blues Image
      Smokin In The Boys Room  Brownsville Sta.
 G    End Of The World R.E.M. 2:16 seq   BOMB 
 G    Here I Go Again  Whitesnake

Message In A Bottle  - Sting      
I Wanna Rock And Roll - Kiss  
Dont Worry Baby   -  Beach Boys  
L.O.V.E.    -  Nat King Cole  
Here I Go Again ( On My Own)  White Snake 
Em/A  Use Me   Bill Withers 
Em/G   Kicks