You May Be Right  Piano
A A A A  [A]friday night i crashed your party, saturday i said i'm sorry
sunday came and trashed me out [E]again.
i was only [Bm]having fun,   wasn't [G]hurting anyone
and we [E]all enjoyed the weekend for a [A]change.
i've been [A]stranded in the combat zone, i walked through bedford sty alone
even rode my motorcycle in the [E]rain.
and you [Bm]told me not to drive, but i [G]made it home alive
so you said that only proves that i'm in[A]sane.

you may be [E]right,   i may be [A]crazy
but it [E]just may be a [D]lunatic you're [F#m]looking for [A]
turn out the [E]light, don't [A]try to save me
you may be [D]wrong for all i [E]know, but you may be [A]right.
[A]remember how i found you there, alone in your electric chair
i told you dirty jokes until you [E]smiled.
you were [Bm]lonely for a man,   i said [G]take me as i am
cause you [E]might enjoy some madness for a [A]while.

now think of all the years you tried to find some one to satisfy you
i might be as crazy as you [E]say.
if i'm [Bm]crazy then it's true, that it's [G]all because of you
and you [E]wouldn't want me any other [A]way.

lead [A] [A] [A] [A] [E] [Bm] [G] [E] [A]

you may be wrong, but you may be right